Officially launched in 2015 and incorporated in 2017, the Oiled Wildlife Response Network ltd. works as an umbrella group who's primary objective is to bring together stakeholders to provide a response for wildlife in the event of a serious pollution incident. The aim is to coordinate and effectively utilize resources and expertise from relevant associated organizations.  To work in cooperation under one banner and to maintain internationally recognised standards of animal care.  

To achieve this, regular training is provided to both network representatives and individual volunteers to provide them with the skills required to respond quickly, efficiently and humanely to the needs of  wildlife. In addition to a strong united response OWRN also works closely with other stakeholders such as the Irish Coast Guard, National Parks and Wildlife Services and the relevant County Council Anti pollution teams to ensure human safety and best practice. 

Currently, the OWRN is contracted annually by the Shannon  Estuary Anti-pollution team (Sea-pt) as a wildlife consultant in conjunction with western marine county councils such as Clare, Limerick, Kerry and other related parties during their annual oil spill exercises.

OWRN continues to work closely with Sea Alarm in Brussels who have supported, provided training and advised generously over the years. Our aim is to bring Ireland into line with the rest of Europe in terms of best practice and with this in mind have recently signed an MOU with Sea Alarm and become an Associated Orgnaisation with EUROWA (EURopean Oiled Wildlife Assistance).