EURopean Wildllife Assistance is an initiative of European organisations who in the past have responded togther to various oiled wildlife incidents in different European countries. They have realised that their effectiveness in such events culd only be enhanced if international standards of good practice would be developed and adopted and if they would invest into their collaborative efforts to implement those standards. Over the years the organisations have invested into their regular meetings into joint activities, for which fnding was sometimes found. As a result of EU-dunded project 2015-2016, EUROWA has developed a firm basis for providing response and preparedness services to European authorities via the EUROWA module (experts and their equipment)

A recent meeting of potential network members in Ostend to develop a charter to firm up the bonds between organisations.

Attendees; L-R back row; Hugo Nijkamp & Paul Kelway, Sea Alarm; Adam Grogan, RSPCA; Tim Thomas, independent; Isabelle Allemeersch -WRCO; Sascha Regmann, ProBird; Claude Velter, WRCO.

Front row; L-R Saskia Sessions, Sea Alarm; Anna Soirinsuo -WWF Finland; Laura Kavanagh, OWRN; Richard Thompson, RSPCA; Simone Jay -SON, NL; Katharina Neeb -Wildtierstation Hamburg; Daniela Barreras -Sea Alarm