13th International Wildlife Conference, Baltimore, USA, 2018

Every three years agencies from across the World gather together to discuss, listen and share their experiences and research with one another. The aim being to further enhance the ability of agencies to conduct effective wildlife response and prevention programmes on a National and International level. Such positive engagement between international agencies, NGO’s, response services and research institutions enhances our ability to respond to an oil spill incident locally and offer assistance Worldwide.

The Effects of Oil on Wildlife (EOW) conference is the only global meeting venue focusing on the planning, response, rehabilitation and research aspects of oil spills and their impacts to wildlife species. The 2018 conference, which took place on May 7 – 11, 2018 at the Royal Sonesta Harbor Court in Baltimore, Maryland USA, was the 13th iteration of the conference founded by Tri-State Bird Rescue and Research in 1982. The 2018 Conference was presented by Tri-State Bird Rescue and Research and Oiled Wildlife Care Network and was hosted by the National Aquarium Baltimore

The EOW conference is the primary venue for experts in a variety of specialties from around the world to exchange ideas and information regarding the effects, the prevention and the restorative abilities of agencies engaged with Oiled Wildlife Response. One evening during the conference we had the opportunity to present our own Oiled Wildlife Response Network to the International delegates. The evening also gave us an excellent opportunity to meet and engage with the EOW speakers

The variety and experience of the speakers was inspirational, the progress and research into all aspects of the effect and the responsive techniques of wildlife effected by oil has proven to be progressive and encouraging for all who attended. Information which Pauline and I hoped to share and implement into the Oiled Wildlife Response Network in Ireland.

I would love to delve into the content of each presentation and the discussions from the round table exercises, however, the below schedule for the 2018 EOW conference will have to do ;)

Schedule 1.png